Laser Light Show Fits in a Cigar Box

Pete Mills, from Ann Arbor, MI, wrote in with his Cigar Box Laser Light Show.

It was spring break last week so I had some spare time to kill. I wanted to do a project that would be done fairly quickly and still have some time to study for classes resuming. I do have several other projects going that I could have worked on but, I figured a laser light show would be appropriate for the occasion, being spring break and all. Actually, I have no idea if spring break party goers are the least bit interested in seeing laser light shows but, I am interested in getting some motors spinning programmatically. And to seal the deal there is a new cat in the mix over here so I have buckets full of laser pointers.

Editor’s Note: One of the featured projects in MAKE Volume 20 was Mike Gould’s “Laser Lunchbox Shows,” which shows you, step by step, how to build a laser effects machine in a lunchbox. You can snag a copy of the issue on the link below.


From MAKE magazine:

Want to know how to build a hydrogen rocket? How about a laser light show in a lunchbox? Or a simple remote-controlled videocam car? Or maybe you want to go old-school and build a wooden mini sailboat or toy car launcher? All this and tons more, plus revealing photos of Adam Savage’s maker childhood, can all be found in MAKE Volume 20, “For Kids of All Ages.” Get your individual print or digital copy in the Maker Shed, or you can subscribe to MAKE magazine here.


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