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Sony wants to hire hackers now?

Sony Offers a job to a hacker, Whilst Suing another via Reddit. A commenter on image sums it up nicely…

Just an FYI since it hasn’t been stated yet, but for those of you who do not know, Koushik Dutta is the main developer behind Clockwork Recovery which is pretty much the only reason we have as many rooted Android phones as we do (including the latest Motorola phones).

There is no doubt that Android and the PS3 are wonderfully fantastic devices, but without hackers like Koushik and GeoHot, we would be nothing more than sheep, blindly accepting whatever commercially crippled b*llshit large corporations are generous enough to sling at us. I am greatly appreciative of their work and as soon as I am able, I will definitely be making considerable donations to each of them.

In my article (Sony’s War on Makers, Hackers, and Innovators) I suggested Sony hire some of these amazing makers and innovators instead of suing them – it looks like they’re trying, but they should drop the geohot lawsuit first.

20 thoughts on “Sony wants to hire hackers now?

  1. What a great response. Hopefully Sony will take the message to heart, drop the lawsuit and realize that the best way to be an innovator is to embrace innovation and invention instead of trying to crush it in order to attempt to control a market.

  2. So everyone who doesn’t root or jailbreak his or her smartphone is a mindless sheep, eh? OK, Make. Thanks.

    I totally love that some people do this stuff, but lots of people express their DIY-ness in different ways. Time spent learning how to hack my phone to get it to do something I didn’t really need anyway is time not spent learning something else I’m more interested. Go hackers, but get some humility and stop with the name calling.

  3. Anybody know if Sony have joined the considerable list of Japanese companies unable to operate because their staff are on one side of the fallout zone and their factory the other?

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