Back in January, John Baichtal wrote about the Bolt Depot’s downloadable PDF posters [PDF, 520K] of common (and not so common) screws, bolts, washers, nuts, and other fasteners. But we thought, in light of our Mechanics Skill Set coverage, we’d remind our readers of them. Not only is the PDF great, but the Bolt Depot web catalog offers a much deeper database of these hardware types, with nice, big illustrations of each part, descriptions, common sizing, common alloys, etc.

A big part of learning a skill set like basic mechanical engineering is knowing what parts are available, what they’re called, and how they’re used. A free resource like this goes a long way towards understanding fastening technology, all based around the gloriously simple machinery of the screw. These reference posters are great to keep in your toolbox, on your bench, or slotted into the pocket of your Maker’s Notebook.

Bolt Depot Fastener Type Chart

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