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Dew Bucket’s Evaporation Cools Your Drinks

Instructables user JamesRPatrick created a self-cooling drink bucket.

This version is designed to accept three 20oz bottles of soda or three 12oz cans. If you haven’t heard about evaporative coolers, they use warm water and evaporation to cool a medium in a way similar to the human perspiration system. Apparently they were used in ancient times to cool water and other things.

8 thoughts on “Dew Bucket’s Evaporation Cools Your Drinks

  1. Ancient times?? Evaporative coolers are used to cool entire houses all over the American Southwest and other areas with dry climates. Most houses in these areas have evaporative air conditioning instead of central air, and they typically work just as well.

  2. An important limitation of this technology is that it requires low humidity to function properly.

    Great news for ancient Mesopotamians, less so for folk on the USAian east coast looking for a little seasonal cooling.

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