Jack Heathcote is now the proud owner of what, at 4,800 gallons, is reportedly the largest home aquarium in the United Kingdom. What’s more, he designed and built it himself. That’s him diving in the tank (and looking rather strikingly, IMHO, like Abraham Sapien from Hellboy), which is apparently the easiest way to clean the interior. Nice details and pictures over at The Daily Mail. [Thanks, Alan Dove!]


10 thoughts on “Cellar Room Converted to UK’s Largest Home Aquarium

    1. “When it’s full there’s around 4,800 gallons in the tank and I’m on a meter!”

      Actually, he is! :-)

      1. That’s about $20 worth of tap water at my local rates. The cost for one month worth of filters probably dwarfs the cost of the water (not to mention power for pumping, aerating, lights, etc.).

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