We’ve covered Ben Krasnow’s awesome work here before. At last year’s Maker Faire, he showed off his liquid nitrogen generator (for which he won at least one Editor’s Blue Ribbon). Now he’s posted to his blog this latest project, a working DIY scanning electron microscope! It’s been months of work to get the scope together and to get a picture out of it, but he’s done it. Now he’s going to work on improving image resolution, and reducing noise. Congrats on this, Ben. Really impressive job. [Thanks, Robert Bruce Thompson!]

DIY scanning electron microscope

DIY liquid nitrogen generator

7 thoughts on “DIY Scanning Electron Microscope

  1. I have worked with electron beam instruments for 30 years. You should be aware that these instruments generate some high energy x-rays and the sample chamber should be shielded. Glass is not enough. For some targets you will need lead. Also, the hose from your mechanical pump is too small and too long for quickly getting a good vacuum. But otherwise a good job.

  2. This project is very impressive, what current level is going to the electron gun? I would love to see an instructional video on this.

    Also what equipment is in the rack?

  3. Check “the amateur scientists,CL Strong,from Scientific America,the entire plan is in there,exactly like yours

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