Woohoo! Free stuff! Not counting software, here (except a coupla fonts), because almost without exception, all the software we’ve covered on Make: Online is free, and we’ve covered a lot of it. Free software’s a whole series of round-ups. Here you’ll find templates, calendars, posters, plans, papercraft models, and other cool stuff you can download and use completely gratis. Enjoy!


24 Free Sawhorse Plans


175 Free Woodworking eBooks


Cool Free Cut-And-Fold Block Font


Free Download: Camp Axe Sheath Template


A Tiny Screen Font You Can Actually Download and Use, Free


Free Downloadable Mentat Training Calendar


Free “Age of Graphical Computing” Calendar


Free Print-And-Fold Papercraft Tron “Bit” Models


Massive Printable “Tree of Life” Graphic Available for Free Download


Free Downloadable Resistor Value Computer

Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!