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Make: Projects – Bulletproof Binder

OK, so it’s not, actually. Bulletproof, that is. But with 3/32″ aluminum sheet covers, nickel-plated steel piano hinges, and all-riveted construction, it’s a damn sight tougher than just about any other 3-ring binder you’re likely to encounter in the wild. Especially those crappy cardboard-shrinkwrapped-in-vinyl models most of us had/have to make do with in school.

(And no, you don’t have to use an old road sign to make yours, but it does confer serious style points. Just make sure it’s not stolen, please. They need the road signs, you know, on the roads.)


12 thoughts on “Make: Projects – Bulletproof Binder

  1. I have scribbled plans for a very similar kindle™ cover (hating all the commercial offerings in that regard). But i had no clue about the aluminum sheeting. Thank you! this provides the missing direction for me.

  2. Mirroring what Amanda Jeffrey said, get some kevlar sheet and affix to the inside of the aluminum, and put some polycarbonate sheet on the outside and you will certainly stop bullets, but it will still mangle the binder like you wouldn’t believe.

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