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akiyukyi’s brick sorter uses a digital scale and a webcam to sort bricks into broad categories like gears, Technic beams, plates, and so on. [Via The NXT Step]

8 thoughts on “Lego Mindstorms Construct Sorts Bricks By Shape

  1. Wow! Very cool. I’d imagine the easiest/most useful thing to remake without the LEGO sets would be the weight table/backlight/webcam with software.

    I’m curious what software he used to do the recognition.

  2. Wow, that’s an impressively elaborate creation! The cup carousel reminds me of the only time I’ve ever seen a Geneva (Maltese) drive used in an actual product. It was the automatic tool changer on a Bridgeport CNC mill, and the Geneva drive allowed selection and precision positioning of the tools without the need for a precision servo system. It used a geared induction motor (which has some run-on after being de-energized) to drive the Geneva mechanism. Simple microswitches kept track of where the tool carousel was. Brilliant!

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