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Spring is finally here, and I’ve been spending every free moment planting colorful new additions in my yard. This year I thought I’d try to grow some edible flowers in the half wine barrel on my deck. I started poking around online and found almost too much information, but a lot of inspiration as well. I knew about nasturtiums and mustard blooms, but daisies and gladiolus? Turns out there are lots of flowers that offer more than a pretty face. I’ve included some of my finds after the jump.
The above image was found at Fresh Origins, which has a wonderful roundup of cocktails decorated with edible flowers. Yum! And be sure to take a peek at Jenny Ryan’s vanilla-and-lemon cupcakes adorned with wild flowers, and Shawn Connally’s awesome Foraging For Salad post! What are some of your favorite things to do with edible petals?

Herbvideos.com Includes an index with common name, scientific name and flavor, a list of wild edibles, and recipes — including lavender butter and hawthorn brandy. Not the most beautiful site, but full of great info.
TheKitchn.com A nice roundup with lovely photos, plus a few resources for online purchase if you don’t want to grow your own.
Epicurean.com “A Feast of Flowers,” by Kathy Corey and Lynne Blackman. A glossary of common names, with short descriptions and histories.
• Colorado State University puts out a killer chart (with downloadable PDF!) on edible flowers. Possibly the most extensive I’ve seen. Includes hints on how to best grow the plants themselves. Thanks, S.E. Newman and A. Stoven O’Connor.
AATTRA.org The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service provides some niche info on the production and marketing of edible flowers.

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