Still chilly? Never fear, you can knit conductive thread into your gloves and keep your smartphone fingers warm. Laura Nelkin lives near chilly Ithaca, NY, where these are still coming in quite handy:

Did you know I live somewhere COLD? Well, now that I have a smart phone with a touch screen I’ve run into a problem… I want to answer it, check my e-mail or just tweet and I have to TAKE OFF my gloves to do it. This just doesn’t work when it’s 10 degrees out! Last year my hubby was talking my ear off about conductive thread and how cool it is and how it’s the wave of apparel design’ s future, and I was like yeah.. yeah.. yeah… right. BUT, it is!!!!

I decided to get some from Etsy and give it a whirl, and you know what? It IS the latest greatest thing… I knit some gloves and held the conductive thread double with the yarn for the tip of the index finger, and IT WORKS! I can use my phone outside and not freeze… who woulda thunk it? I did decide to give my finger a little extra “boost” and wove the ends of the thread across the pad of the finger a few times more.


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