Rik and Frits Lyneborg from Let’s Make Robots! are back with an update on the latest and coolest developments in the hobby robotics scene.

Links to projects highlighted this week:
Patrickmccabe’s Lottery Simulation
Geir Andersen’s Sea Rendering
OddBot’s SplatBot MkII
Mr g000ze’s Marblephone the Melody Machine
Gareth’s ThunderBird 6 – Gold-Coin-Ring-BottleTop-Finder

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The Latest in Hobby Robotics 03
The Latest in Hobby Robotics 02
The Latest in Hobby Robotics (pilot)

10 thoughts on “The Latest in Hobby Robotics 04

  1. Title is very misleading. This is not reporting on “the hobby robotics scene” but just in ‘Let’s Make Robots’ little corner. There are several other (some bigger and older) robot hobbyist websites. Where are the “latest and coolest developments” from those robotic communities? A true (blog) reporter would not be limiting himself to one community.

    1. I am all for discourse on the internet when you have a point, but if you are complaining about the lack of other references then give no other references you are just complaining to complain.

      1. I’m not the one creating videos claiming to report “The Latest In Hobby Robotics”, so why should I be expected to give references? When you believe someone has failed to do their job do you do their job first before calling them out on it? That’s pretty silly.

        How about you engage me in in discussion about my point. Do you not agree that someone on Make posting videos claiming to report “The Latest In Hobby Robotics” should be reporting about the hobby as a whole and not just one little corner of it?

        1. This “show” is part of a casual series of videos we’re doing in “The Latest on.. [some area of making].” We’re asking people whose work we like in those areas, makers we know, to turn on the camera and record what’s on their radar. It’s a slice of “the latest,” not everything, and it’s (largely) from one maker’s viewpoint, it’s not a reporter (of any stripe). If you have a site you think we should cover, or a particular robot project you find exciting, or something in the realm of “latest” you think is being missed here, please send it along. You can send directly to me (

          1. Thanks for the explanation Gareth.

            As an avid robotics person both in hobby and profession; but not a member of ‘Let’s Make Robots’, I hope you can understand I was a bit ‘put off’ that a video series called “The Latest In Hobby Robotics” only seemed to include projects from a single site which happens to be owned by the ‘reporter’ himself. I’d be ok with “The Latest In Hobby Robotics on Let’s Make Robots!” as it is clear to the smaller scope of the community being reported on.

            If I (or someone else) were to make a video on robotic projects not featured on ‘Let’s Make Robots’ would it qualify to be posted on Make as the next “The Latest In Hobby Robotics”?

            I have sent in tips in the past though recently I’ve been lacking in my efforts to send things to Make, but I’ll make sure to catch up. But I make no claims to have my finger on the pulse of the robotics community as a whole.

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