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Has anyone else noticed an upward trend in diminutive cardboard dwellings, or is it just me? Back in 2009, MAKE wrote up a fun piece on Benjamin Van Oost‘s recycled trash Favela (made in 2007). Shortly thereafter I noticed LA artist Anna Serrano’s Cartonlandia (2008); followed by Swedish illustrator Nina Lindgren’s City Dreams (2010). And then just the other day Vanity Fair puts out an article using a colorful creation by the award-winning designer Stephen Doyle. Have you seen any others?

6 thoughts on “Dapper Diminutive Dwellings

  1. My husband, Aritst Erik T. Groff first started making found cardboard/up-cycled cityscapes back in 2000 while living in Oakland, CA. Google him if you want to see his work. There’s tons of images and some youtube videos of both his gallery installations you can walk through and street installations too. I’m a proud wifey so I had to do a shout out. ;)
    Keep on making!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about Erik! Great work, especially wonderful to see it out of the gallery and in the community.

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