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Laser-Cut Polygonal Sculptures

Paul Kinsky of Worcester, MA, developed an algorithm that transforms 3D models into laser-cut pieces that can be assembled into a physical version of that model.

10 thoughts on “Laser-Cut Polygonal Sculptures

  1. This is cool, any idea if he has documented the algorithm or plans to open-source the code? I’d love to have something like Pepakura that ran on my Mac.

  2. Thanks! I’m a junior at Worcester Polytechnic, and I’m making more of these for the rest of the term for one of my classes. Here’s a better version of the description:

    I take an OBJ file, which stores vertexes, faces, etc, and use that to build a set of faces and a set of pairs of connected faces. From this the algorithm generates a bunch of triangles(faces) and a bunch of angled connectors.

    These pieces are laser-cut out of acrylic – the eagle is from .060 inch acrylic and the dolphin is from acrylic that’s twice as thick. Then I slot them together, which, in theory, doesn’t require any tools except for glue. In practice, sometimes I get a measurement wrong and need to spend all night sanding the tabs to make them fit.

    Also, my personal favorite is the dolphin, because it’s my first closed model – the eagle is one sided, meant to be mounted on a board. The dolphin’s also cut from plastic twice as thick as the eagle. You can’t see in the photos but it’s much more sturdy.

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