Comment Winner – The Best “Comic” Maker Of All Time…

The winner of the best comment out of the 240+ comments on “Which Comic Book Character Is The Greatest Maker Of All Time?” is Martin Hohenberg. Martin, email me pt @ this site to get your prize! SUPERMAN – THE BLACK RING. Here’s what Martin had to say (He thinks Gearloose should have been in the list and also the winner, it’s hard to disagree with this)…

  1. Gearloose is not a duck – the beak form is more chicken-like.
  2. He’s shown to actually engineer stuff – other than, for example, Batman, who for the most part only tells others that he had invented the gizmo of the day.
  3. Like most of us, Gearloose is basically a pacifist, not an aggressive war-mongering super-rich guy who seems to have to prove himself. Gearloose’s engineering is to build cool stuff, not to beat someone up.
  4. Gearloose was – for many of us – the original idea-giver of becoming makers, much more do than e.g. Luthor or Stark.

Not only should Gearloose be in the list, he should’ve won.

Please take a moment to read all the wonderful comments, a fantastic discussion. And if you’re a parent of friend of a maker, the comics mentioned would make great gifts to inspire and spark, er stark, the imagination of that special person! And don’t forget, the conversation is still rocking. Add your thought!

24 thoughts on “Comment Winner – The Best “Comic” Maker Of All Time…

  1. I can’t agree with all the reasons above but, yeah, Gyro Gearloose is one of the greatest makers, very similar to a lot of the readers of Make: Magazine, a comic book character and a really likable one at that. I would have said Grampy from Betty Boop cartoons was the greatest maker because his creations were made from old, warn out, broken stuff, but he’s a cartoon character not a comic book character.

  2. You know, I was thinking, “Wasn’t there a character on Duck Tales . . . ” so I agree with this.

    As an aside, the world needs a comic book series about a superhero who saves the day with improbable gadgets rather than improbable acrobatics.

    “Gadget Man, we’re trapped!”

    “No worries, Gizmo Boy, I have an Arduino in my pocket. Now we just have to configure this coat hanger to attract lightning at nine volts DC . . . . “

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