PVC Pipe Garbage Corral

Chalk up another win for PVC Pipe Storage solutions! I spotted this garbage can corral during one of my recent journeys around western Queens. This intersection is especially windy, so my suspicion is that whoever built this corral did so to keep the containers from blowing around whenever they’re empty. Such a simple solution to an otherwise aggravating problem!

12 thoughts on “PVC Pipe Garbage Corral

    1. I think it will, Sean. The wind doesn’t usually blow a vertical can around, it blows it over and then it’s easy for the wind to make the can roll. The corral will help keep all the cans vertical, making it harder for the wind to blow them around. The leg in the middle of the long side will help with the stability, though it should be angled out more instead of inwards. And if a stronger gust of wind comes along and knocks the whole thing over, I see the corral keeping them together better and less likely to roll away.

  1. Does anyone know of a simple to use program for designing and building things from PVC Pipe (it would be awesome if you could also use it for other types of pipe as well eg steel pipe ect)

  2. Personally I would have attached a similar frame to the bottom. also have some supports that the cans could sit on. Add 2 wheels and 2 handles (like a wheel barrel) That would make taking the trash out a lot easier.

  3. Oh it’s so nice to see a PVC solution on Make again. I love all the arduino and laser cut projects but just to see something that’s quick, easy and doesn’t require more than a saw and some elbow grease rocks. Thanks Nick!

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