Math Monday: Candy Images

By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics


Tim Chartier at Davidson College has discovered that if you make things out of candy there’s no lack of volunteers to help you clean up. He takes images and transforms them mathematically into arrays of candy pieces. Here you can see President Obama, as rounded to the set of m&m color values. Mathematically, the algorithm picks the available color which is closest in red-green-blue-space to the average of the pixels it replaces.

Tim’s program has controls that allow the user to change the image, the candy, and the resolution.  Since Easter is coming up, you may find a use for this recipe to make another U.S. president, this time from 400 peeps:

As Tim notes on his blog, “The best part is taking it apart!”

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10 thoughts on “Math Monday: Candy Images

  1. It seems like the applet on the website only allows you to use 3 preloaded images. A workaround for this if you wanted to use different images would be to use standard photomosaic software and then use pictures of individual candies on a white background as the images that make up the mosaic tiles. Presumably the math that these programs use is similar to that used by this program.

    I’ve used the freely available andrea mosaic to make photo and video mosaics previously and probably will play with this idea sometime soon.

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