The latest installment of our editors’ picks is up over on our Facebook page. Be sure to “like” us there so you can see what is inspiring us recently. We are inspired by many things outside of the craft world so here’s a collection our favorite things from music to cocktails to the most gigantic zippers you’ve likely ever seen. What’s inspiring you lately? Let us know in the comments here or over on our Facebook post.

8 thoughts on “Editors’ Picks For April

  1. two things are blowing my crafty mind this week, Nathan Bergey’s talk on his handmade wooden panorama cameras I heard last night at Portland’s “Hand Eye Supply” http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hand-eye-supply-curiosity-club His cameras are just beautiful pieces of art in themselves, he’s integrated bluetooth tech into some as well, amazing talk.
    Also I’ve been listening to the new 3 Leg Torso album Animals and Cannibals http://goo.gl/LVgcS digging the jazz/klezmer/folk implosion, makes my glue gun happy

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