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iGeigie, an iPhone-Connected Geiger Counter

If you’re not following along with the great work RDTN is doing to create networks of radiation sensors, check out just one of their projects: iGeigie, a geiger counter that plugs into your iPhone.

iGeigie – world premiere of a portable Geiger Counter with iPhone dock.

– Glass Geiger Tube can detect beta and gamma radiation
– Runs on mophie juice pack
– iGeiger app computes Counts Per Minute (CPM)
– Breadboard architecture allows for continuing upgrades and improvements
– Interface with iPhone through line-in interface
– Ability to call the iGeigie and listen to clicks

If you like what you see, be sure to support RDTN’s Kickstarter project.


14 thoughts on “iGeigie, an iPhone-Connected Geiger Counter

  1. Please stop with the endless breadboard use. Nice for quickly testing a thing but DO NOT use them for anything else. Just solder it to a prototype board. That way everything keeps working when you bump it/look at it.

  2. It ‘an other application certainly much appreciated by users of hi-phone. But are not are declared the technical performance and sensitivity of the used Geiger tube, that from what I can see, is very small and coud not be sufficiently sensible to measure small levels of beta and gamma ionizing radiation.

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