Victorian House Has Secret Garage, Might Actually Be Robot in Disguise

The official word about this Victorian house that has a secret garage is that it was created by Beausoleil Architects as a way to comply with building housing codes. I’m not buying it though- I think that it’s actually just a cover for a large, house-sized robot that needs to be fed cars periodically. [via Laughing Squid]

42 thoughts on “Victorian House Has Secret Garage, Might Actually Be Robot in Disguise

    1. As much as I love Monty Python, I was actually thinking more Invader Zim.

      But I like the house-sized robot eating cars periodically, too.

  1. I’m curious how this achieved “a way to comply with building housing codes”. If the codes say no garage, then this doesn’t make it comply, it just hides your non-compliance from view. Could the code say nothing that ‘looks like’ a garage is acceptable?

    1. Their explanation was that the code isn’t against garages having garages per se, but against modifying the original look of the building. This solution reportedly lets them follow the law by making what is essentially an unconventional garage door.

      1. Bingo. The architecture of San Francisco victorians is typically protected. You can’t do anything to alter the outward appearance. So replacing the front with a standard garage door is out of the question. Replacing it with a garage door that simulates the look of the historical appearance is acceptable. Though I’m not sure whether it hurts or helps the value of the house. Purists would balk at the idea of a Victorian with such a substantial structural change.

  2. the only trouble I see with this design is that people will end up parking in front of your garage “door” since it would appear to not be obstructing anything.

  3. The no parking sign above the garage door is a nice touch, and it shows how much thought was put into making the garage. It’s pretty cool that it blends in perfectly to the Victorian-style house, too. Thumbs up to the maker and his creativity!

    Bertram Vanscyoc

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