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Chemistry Set Boasts “No Chemicals”

In point of fact, I have some empathy for the makers of this Chemistry 60 educational laboratory kit. They are, after all, just responding to the demands of the market, and we at MAKE actually have some first-hand experience of how hard it is, these days, to manufacture, market, and/or distribute chemistry sets that don’t, for lack of a better word, suck. So I post this not so much in the spirit of “shame on such-and-so” for creating this astounding oxymoron of a product, but rather to lament the general state of affairs we have come to thanks to litigiousness, chemophobia, and flagging scientific literacy. There has got to be a way back. [via C&E News]

52 thoughts on “Chemistry Set Boasts “No Chemicals”

  1. We see open source hardware kits all the time. Would it really be so difficult to make an open source chemistry set? That’s an effort that I would certainly be willing to get behind.

    1. This is a great idea. Write up a book that has all the experiments and sell that, and in the book have guidelines and sources to acquire all the chemicals and equipment needed.

        1. Make needs to learn about doing an upsell ;-)

          The business model for information/software + hardware already exists in several forms (eg. Arduino, et al.), so I don’t see why this couldn’t be applied to chemistry sets. This is a doable proposition as a business concern (which I consider important for a tangible good like a kit – not everyone is going to want to assemble their own kit, some will want to buy).

  2. The ultimate in “dumbing down”… how dare we … even countenance a chemistry set with “active chemicals” in it. What would the right wing Christian, republican, climate change deniers do to us. By God … don’t let there be another Einstein, Galilao, Capurnicus…let alone intelligent, literate and articulate President in the White House or other Americans with with a ounce of nouse… Heaven forbid!

    1. That’s right, down with Christians and Republicans… THEY have taken the chemicals out of chemistry.

      And I thought only really smart people visited MAKE…

    2. Seems to me that it’s the left and their legions of lawyers that making everything illegal that might possibly give some lawsuit-for-profit prone peasant a reason to file a suit. :-D

    3. Absolutely right. We wouldn’t want the Church producing another Newton, Mendel, or Gauss. We don’t want people learning virtues like ‘Industry’, ‘Frugality’, or ‘Humility’ (like Jesus or Socrates no less!) from whacked-out hyper-religious Republican Puritans like Ben Franklin. Not here at Make Magazine. A morally void state that fines and imprisons people for not following Lysenkoism is the way to go.

  3. Just realised… looking at the picture…. it’s all hydrocarbons (plastics, paper and cardboard!!!)! OMG!!! I’s an “organic chemistry set” That’s all right then… standard American fare (much like everything else you eat in America.)… Gotta be good!!!

  4. There is. Be a good parent and buy from a scientific supply house the stuff needed to make a REAL chemistry set. and get them real chemistry set books and sit down with them and perform real experiments.

  5. They just need to rebrand it as a Homeopathic ( C60 ) Chemistry Set. That way, it will be merely moronic rather than oxymoronic.


  6. You can’t even buy potassium permanganate now at a chemists or any solvents
    whatsoever. It’s all about the dumbing down of science especially chemistry.

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