Mini Fume Extractor Parts Bundle $39.95 Product code JMBUN07 makershed.com/fume NEW: Just click on the cart in Make: Projects (makezine.com/go/fume) and your Mini Fume Extractor parts will be speeding toward your mailbox.

While setting up for our first Maker Faire, I went on a supply run to Jameco Electronics, a short drive from the fairgrounds near San Francisco Bay. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw four grinning fellows sporting “Make: Void your warranty” T-shirts piling out of a car and kneeling in front of the familiar Jameco sign for an impromptu group photo. These makers — and thousands like them — didn’t need to be told about the fit between MAKE and Jameco. They just got it.

So when MAKE sought to make it easy for readers to buy the supplies they needed to tackle projects found in the magazine and at Make: Projects (makeprojects.com), our first stop was Jameco. Like that carload of exuberant makers, the team at Jameco got it.

We’re proud to announce that Make: Projects readers can now conveniently purchase just about everything they need for their next project directly from the Make: Projects website. Select the complete project bundle, or just the components you need, then click on the shopping cart link to complete your order in a single, easy Maker Shed transaction.

A perfect example is Marc de Vinck’s Mini Fume Extractor project from MAKE Volume 19, released on Make: Projects at http://blog.makezine.com/projects/mini-fume-extractor/. We’re adding hundreds more projects in the weeks to come. And when you drop by the Maker Shed (makershed.com) you’ll find thousands more Jameco products identified with their familiar icon.