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How-To: Helmet Mohawks

A commenter on yesterday’s CRAFT-y Bike Projects round-up alerted me to the DIY bike helmet mohawk phemonenon. Those pictured at left are from 2009 by Instructables user dan. The bright orange model is made from cable ties. To lower right is a helmet mohawk made with scrub-brush bristles by Instructables user jujitsu-mam. Upper right is a photograph sumbitted by the commenter, himself. [Thanks, Rod McBride!]

17 thoughts on “How-To: Helmet Mohawks

  1. A couple of safety notes:

    1. If you drill through your helmet, you will compromise its ability to protect you in a crash. It will crack where you have added holes.

    2. Don’t attach anything that will not bend or very, very easily crush when crashing. Don’t add anything that will change the angle of your neck when your helmet strikes the ground. Otherwise you will increase the chance of breaking your neck when crashing. Your helmet needs to absorb your head’s momentum when you fall. It should not be snapping your neck back in the opposite direction.

  2. none of you wanted to adorn your bike helmet with a simulated Trump comb-over? oh, woe unto ye sad schlep-herds!

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