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Make: Live ep07 is all about projects from the new MAKE v26, Karts & Wheels! Thanks to our guests Mark Frauenfelder, Jared Ficklin, Nick Raymond and Eric Chu. Catch up on video and notes from the show here.

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Flame Tube – Jared Ficklin
See sound in fire! The flame tube project (aka Rubens’ tube) uses a speaker at one end to influence the row of small propane jets along the tube, showing the waveforms of the audio. We had the project set up on the roof. Rubens’ tube aficionado Jared Ficklin joins us via Skype from Austin, Texas.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcvOn_-bVw8&w=599&h=341]

Drill Kart – MAKE interns
In a visit to MAKE HQ in Sebastopol, CA, Becky gets a tour of the cordless drill-powered go-kart designed by Gever Tulley. Watch MAKE interns Nick Raymond and Eric Chu pull some sweet spin moves. It’s really fun to drive!

Show notes:

Bonus! Maker Mailbag:

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Maker Dino Segovis was inspired to create his own automatic ball launcher for his dog, Sophie. Want to show us your project? Upload a video or photos and send a link to live@makezine.com.

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