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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is back again with a new episode of Tiny Yellow House, all about building your own secret stash box from a (non-live) electrical junction box. This is a fun way to hide your cash and valuables, and costs only about $10 to build.

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28 thoughts on “Junction Box Stash Spot – Tiny Yellow House

  1. Clever, informational, and funny… I think I was just tricked into learning something cool. Thanks and hope to see more videos like this. Well done.

  2. I was going to post about where I’m doing some electrical work where I could do something like this, since I’ll be doing some real electrical too…

    *lightbulb on*

    But now I won’t. Ahem. Nothing to see here folks, yep, no droids either, move along…

  3. You can purchase hidy holes that look like your standard wall receptacle. They swing down, so you can load your stash into them.

  4. probably one of the worst ideas ever?
    i hope that the wiring is meant to be funny because i would be insulted if anyone came into my home and thought i had let someone do that to my electics
    i dont know how you guys to it in america, but in normal countries people dont just have junction boxes on the walls at random places, so i dont see how this would be inconspicuous.
    there seems to be a lot of secret stash projects on make, what exactly are you guys trying to hide?
    you know cops can use internet too right?
    dont worry, now their going to make sure to check every junction box in your house that looks like it was put there by a blind child

      1. Unless it’s an abandoned foreclosure and you forgot to empty your stash. We had a stripout up the road here, copper salvagers would be the ones to get lucky.

      2. yeah right pretend your going to use it to protect against buglars
        what do you really think your going to fit in a junction box?
        computer? nope
        money? nope
        tv? nope
        jewlery? perhaps but it would get tangled up
        drugs? perfect! that would fit perfectly oh i see!!

    1. And he stated around 2:55 that it would be best in an out of the way, inconspicuous place, ie, where you normally find wiring. And given the whole tone of the piece, you might want to recal your humor meter…

      1. where i normally find wiring?
        oh right so in the walls? really clever and easy to get to!
        if im going to hide things in walls i wouldnt bother hiding it in a junction box too

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