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Top 10: Bike Repair

We have covered a lot of bike-related content over the years, and a lot of bike-repair-related content. Trouble is, we don’t have a separate repairs-only category, so assembling this round-up required manual cherry-picking from the many pages of our Bicycle category archive. I then picked my ten favorites, tabulated the pageviews for each, and counted the days since it was posted, and finally divided to get an average-traffic-per-day figure for each post. So this is probably my most scientifically-organized Top 10 to date. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Friday!


How To: Make A Dial-Gauge Bicycle Wheel Building Stand For $100


Bike Tool Roll


Roadside Blind Welding In Malawi


DIY Bicycle Repair Stand


How-To: Re-Cover A Bike Saddle


How To: Paint A Bike Frame


How-To: Wrap Bike Handlebars


Mister Jalopy’s Community Tool Box


Make Your Own Low-Budget Wheel Truing Stand


Weekend Project: Bike Repair Stand

Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!

10 thoughts on “Top 10: Bike Repair

  1. I might be missing something, but #10 links back to wherever you’re looking at the page from. ie: front page the link goes back to the front page, if you’re looking at it from the single post, the link goes back to the single post.

    This looks like it’s because you have double double quotes in the link.

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