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Networked Etch A Sketch For Long Distance Doodling

Connect A Sketch
Product Design student Andrew Little created the Connect A Sketch, a networked version of the ever-popular Etch A Sketch mechanical drawing toy:

We all love to leave personal messages for one another, be it productive or playful, Connect A Sketch was designed to take this interaction to a larger scale. The reason I chose to do this through an Etch A Sketch is because of my appreciation of the toy I grew up with.

As demonstrated in this video, two Connect A Sketches are connected to each other over the internet, allowing you to simultaneously co-doodle across the globe. Andrew’s creation will be officially unveiled at the 2011 Dundee Degree Show and the New Designers Exhibition in London.

Connect A Sketch
[via Technabob]

8 thoughts on “Networked Etch A Sketch For Long Distance Doodling

  1. How about two pots connected to a USB port (of course I mean through a chip to convert the analog to digital)
    and then use a window on the PC (or browser)? Less hardware…

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