Clever Cable Tie Organizer Made from PVC Pipe

PVC pipe twist tie storage
Submitted by Morten Nisker to the MAKE Flickr pool, here’s a clever way of organizing your twist ties (and perhaps other tools and supplies) using PVC pipe.

9 thoughts on “Clever Cable Tie Organizer Made from PVC Pipe

    1. C’mon … Making isn’t just about revolutionary ideas. It’s also about simple things, little ways to make your life better, projects that turn out better or more useful than expected, small efforts and big returns.

      And, even if you don’t have a cable tie organization problem, maybe this simple picture can inspire you to do something similar to organize your paint brushes, plastic flashing, drill bits that need sharpening, tweezers, scrap molding, yarn, hot glue sticks, or toothpicks.

  1. hey cool I got blogged :)

    Quick disclaimer: This is just my homebrewed version of a product you can buy – I saw it at my local bicycle repair shop guy have one and figured I could make something like that.

  2. Just made one myself, I had some old pipe in the shed I was going to take it to the dump today but I’ve recycled it and I’m using it for storage of my tools now like suggested, glued them together for stability and it does the job nicely.

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