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When this landed in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to share it with you as part of our Geek Crafts month! From Justine at Cast Away:

Last year Ray Cannon started coming into Cast Away for supplies to begin learning how to needle felt. Without knowing anything about the medium he quickly connected with this art form and found it similar to Scupley, a medium he’d used a few times before. Ray enjoys the felting medium for its molding ability without actually carving into the form. He soon began creating amazingly life-like, detailed animals. His pieces are so captivating — be sure to come see the sculptures and meet Ray Cannon.

Ray’s art will be on display at Cast Away in Santa Rosa, beginning Thursday, May 5th. From 6-8pm snacks will be served, and he will on hand to demonstrate his techniques!

6 thoughts on “Ray Cannon’s Needle Felted Art at Cast Away

  1. OMG! I flipped out when I saw the thumbnail for this! I’m a *huge* E.T. freak – this is amazing. I love it! Amazing!

  2. Where’s all the Star Wars crafts today? “May the 4th be with you” + Geek Craft month, I thought there’d be about 50 Yoda related posting by now! :-)

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