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An Airgun Pellet Shattering A Jello-Filled Xmas Ornament…

…is just one of almost a thousand beautiful moments captured as high-speed photographs in Flickr user Alan Sailer’s photostream. I recommend starting with his My Favorites set. [via Dude Craft]


11 thoughts on “An Airgun Pellet Shattering A Jello-Filled Xmas Ornament…

          1. Well, in the interest of TOTAL completeness, the fact that we have no frame of reference means that he could have hand crafted the gun, bullet, and ornament. This means that it could, very well, be a 10.00 caliber round and a really, really, big ornament.

      1. “pedantry completist” sounds so good, I had to go look it up. Nice words. And I thought the slug looked a little small to be a 22 cal to.

        But besides that, the photo is really good. I made a photocell flash trigger for the Arduino, and played with an audio trigger as well, and it is tough to get good lighting, timing, and composition like this.

  1. That’s a pellet, not a BB. Pellets are made from lead and designed to be fired from a rifled barrel. BB’s are steel and generally fired through a smoothbore. BB’s look exactly like ball bearings. Pellets look like… That.

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