The Latest in Hobby Robotics 06

In this weeks show, Rik and Frits are taking a look at one of the
oldest, yet still most popular simple and fun hobby robot projects:
“The Sumo”. Also in this show, a look at a very impressive piece of a
hand made full metal robot that looks like it is ready to explore
Here is a list of links related to the show, including project pages
and YouTube clips:

Gary’s Nano Sumo

iRichiepoo’s Arduino Sumo Robot Prototype

patrickmccabe and Gary’s Nano Sumo

E2TK’s ArduSumoto

thesaxmachine’s Pyrostriker: Flame Shark

FingerTech Robotics’s FT Sumo

Solarbotics K SV Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit

thesaxmachine’s Samm The Sumobot

noise0’s Arduino Minisumo 01

Antonb’s MTR – A planetary surface exploration rover

Clip from Monkey vs. Robot