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How-To: Design and Build a Custom Desk

Design and Build Your Own Desk
Inspired by the minimalist design of his iMac, Jordan Patterson from The Cheap Geek created a custom desk for his office that would hide his power and ethernet cables. He designed the desk in SketchUp and set out to build it with a budget of $150. In order to keep things cheap, he forwent a solid wood desktop and opted to use a $10 wooden door that he found at a surplus building supply warehouse. The sawhorse legs are constructed from pieces of pine glued together and two of the legs are hollow to act as a conduit for the cabling. Jordan finished the surfaces with black wood stain as opposed to paint in order to leave some of the wood texture visible. Check out this video for a tour of the finished product. Nice work, Jordan! [via Lifehacker]


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  1. Step one: Get a board.

    step two: Put it on 2 filing cabinets

    Step three: Put your ipad on it and tweet about your indie desk hack.

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