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Life-Size Portal Turret Replica, Including Laser

I think it’s safe to describe Ryan Palser as a “replica video game prop master” at this point. Those of you who enjoyed his fantastic Fallout 3 replica weapons last summer will probably also enjoy his exquisitely crafted Portal turret replica, as well as his beautifully-shot and numerous build photos.

P.S. I am particularly impressed by the eye.

P.P.S. Thanks to Ryan and everybody else who took the time to point out to me that this is, in fact, the turret from the first Portal game. Apparently the design is markedly different in the second game, which, as I said, I haven’t played yet. [Thanks, Ryan!]

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  1. Like seriously, I searched life sized portal 2 turret for sale and it said On sale: $41.95. Can I get this? Like, as soon as possible?

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