Providence RI’s Wooly Fair Seeks Artists to Occupy Space Station Pods

Sam from Wooly Fair wrote in with some info about their call to artists/makers for the upcoming Wooly Fair:

The Wooly Fair Space Station is the central element for Wooly Fair 2011, To the Moon! The Space Station is a superstructure made up of 21 individual pods (8’xl0′ temporary structures) that will be joined together for the event to create a massive ring around the grounds of the Steel Yard. Individuals, groups, or entities are invited to propose an installation for each pod that expresses their particular vision of space and/or the future within the following parameters:

  • It must be ingenious
  • It must be interactive
  • It must be sustainable
  • It must attempt to change minds

Application Deadline is May 27, 2011: Space Station Application


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