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Android Open Accessory Running on a FEZ Domino

Big news from the FEZ (.NET Micro Framework-based development board) community today. FEZ forum member Blake took up Gus Issa’s challenge ($500 to the first person to get FEZ working as an Android Open Accessory) and posted video + code.

I made a sample app using the normal Android development process, put it on my Nexus S (running normal OTA Android 2.3.4), and plugged it in to my FEZ Domino. Now I can turn on LEDs and push buttons and everyone has a good time. They connect together and you have a bidirectional byte stream is the .NET Micro Framework code. is the Android code.

This is a big step toward what PT predicted in his earlier post, Why Google Choosing Arduino Matters and is This the End of “Made for iPod” (TM)?, when he challenged Microsoft/NOKIA/Skype with: “Quick, Ballmer, get out there and talk about this and how it’s the next accessory platform for Windows Phone 7. ” Forum – Android Open Accessory


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