CRAFT: Geek Crafts

Many crafts lend themselves well to recreating pixellated images. Projects made with perler beads, cross stitch, and knitting all are constructed from small square-ish bits that together make up a low-resolution image plane, perfect for 8-bit video game scenes. Here’s a roundup of our top pixel crafts. Did we miss your favorite? Post it up in the comments!

Costume: Low Resolution

Invader’s Rubik’s Cube artworks

Amazing “Punch-out” cross stitch

8-bit Post-It art

Legend of Zelda Glow-in-The-Dark Cross-Stitch Banner

Stop-motion Post-It Mario

Pixel Super Mario Cake Made from Cupcake Squares

Missle Command Circle Skirt

Massive Mario Push Pin Mosaic

Pixel Pour 2.0

Knitting Mario Level One

Space Invader Coffee Table

Super Mario Level Cake