Krs – Hackerspace Electronics: From Nub to Ninja in Under a Year

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Charlie writes in about Krs who learned electronics and went on to design electronic conference badges (and teaching others). She has the maker bug! “Krs – Hackerspace Electronics: From Nub to Ninja in Under a Year”….

Krs’s initial introduction to electronics was defcon18 and then later for ‘free labour’ as I needed someone to help me stuff a board for a work project, she turned out to be really good at it. So we set out with the basics, picked up some Forrest Mim’s books, build little LED toys with the attiny2313 and looking at other open source projects. She studied the books by day and at nighttime worked at NSL building projects there and then teaching those skills to others. Including the Cylon, Mini Logic Analyser ( Which she’s teaching a class on how to build and use a logic analsyer ) and most recently a rework of the USBASP into a surface mount project.

For LayerOne we wanted a speaker badge and decided to make a small version of the EMSL peggy. It turned out to need a four layer board, and of course being a hackerspace we gave the project to the person with the least electronics experience. Roll on a month later and she’s gone through the process from converting the peggy to surface mount, sourcing alternate parts and redesigning the board after she found out the cost of doing a buried/blind via board. She learnt all the in and outs of Eagle and managed to recreate the board to only use vias that went through all layers ( much cheaper to build ). Then she worked with SilverCircuits to have the boards made. We’re currently waiting on delivery of the boards, so everyone’s all on edge, especially her!!

Now she is going to do a talk at layerOne to basically let everyone know that you can go from knowing nothing about electronics to building, soldering and hacking electronics.


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