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Style starts at home, and your home should be filled with things that make you happy. Nothing makes me happier than animals of all kinds, so I incorporate them into my home decor as much as possible. It’s starting to look like a jungle in here! Today we add another rad element with my toy animals racks.
Animal Rack-5.jpg
I found these adorable little animal figurines at an art store, and upon seeing Anthropologie’s white ceramic animal hooks, I wanted to do the same using my small creatures. Then I came across Steph Mantis’s and couldn’t believe my eyes. This was exactly what I pictured. You can purchase one of Steph Mantis’s racks or make your own with me as shown in today’s video! I also wrote up a detailed step-by-step over on Make: Projects.
Animal Rack-3.jpg
One of the coolest things about this project (aside from the fact that it is adorable!) is that it is perfect to customize. My brother-in-law loves dinosaurs, so I could do a whole rack of different dinos for him. Or I could do barnyard animals for my little nephew Aidan, or just dogs for my husband who is obsessed with all things canine.

The dowels make the animals interchangeable, so you can switch them up for the season or mood. What animals would you include? Leave in a comment and enjoy the video! Laser-cut t-rex skull necklace by Sleek & Destroy.

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20 thoughts on “How-To: Toy Animal Rack

  1. I love the idea of the Animal coat rack or what ever you might would like to hang on it .I could also see my girls having me to maybe make them one from some of the little barbies that u get out of the happy meals from McDonald’s and little other girlie things from like the dollar tree stores .Thanks so much or Sharing this idea…….and keep them coming! Thanks Kathy Howingon

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