If you’re wandering the grounds of Maker Faire, you may happen upon the Swamp Kirin, a mechanical beast created by Seabat Studios.

Built for her little brother, Seth, after the reaction that he had when their father had told them his tales of seeing one of the last known kirins in the east. Seth, pleaded in vain for his father to bring one back for him. His father explained that he was trying to protect the creatures from extinction and to keep them in their natural habitat for as long as was earthly possible. Seth reluctantly understood. Halo felt so sorry for her little brother that she built him a mechanical version to take on walks.

8 thoughts on “Swamp Kirin

    1. i c wat u did thar.   it makes me wonder just how much is “under the skin” of the beast.  it obviously has a human in the torso (running the legs on stilts) but it SEEMS that it might have a camera in the head, and a display for the operator to make sure he/she never has to look up.

      i REALLY want to see the inside of this thing.

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