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Shoot 360 Degree Panorama Video on Your iPhone 4

The folks over at Kogeto have a product on Kickstarter that looks very promising for 360 panorama fans. They’ve shrunk their Lucy camera technology down to fit on the back of an iPhone 4. The product, called Dot, produces still imagery and video that can be panned around in 360 degrees, allowing a greater number of people to share the world around them. [via CrunchGear]

12 thoughts on “Shoot 360 Degree Panorama Video on Your iPhone 4

  1. Wow, Kickstarter has definitely sold-out, now allowing non-art based commercial projects on their site undermines what us supporters have attempted to do for years. No more support from me.

  2. a similar (better?) 360 camera for iphone 4 has already been funded on kick stater:

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