A Peek at the People Who Make Maker Faire

One of our Maker Faire Daily bloggers, Kent Barnes, posted a few pics of the crew doing their thing during this weekend’s Faire. There are so many amazing people who put in untold numbers of hours to make these shows happen. Here are just a few of their smiling faces, there are some more on the link, and there are countless others unpictured here, but all equally worthy of heartfelt appreciation. If you were at the Faire and enjoyed yourself, why not take a moment to offer a high-five, blow a kiss toward San Mateo, or otherwise offer up some thanks. Feel free to leave comments; I’m sure the Faire crew would appreciate it.

Sherry Huss, Maker Faire Director and Cupcake Hostess

Show Producer Louise Glasgow and Ralf Muehlen, Show Internet/Technical Director

The hardest working woman in Show Management, Valerie Aubel (rockin’ that Utilikilt)

Some of the few, who make Maker Faire

12 thoughts on “A Peek at the People Who Make Maker Faire

  1. Jake Spurlock says:

    Glad this got cross posted. Kudos to Kent Barnes for his great work at Maker Faire.

  2. mpechner says:

    What about Kate and Michelle?

    1. Anonymous says:

      These are just the pics that Kent happened to grab for his Maker Faire Daily post. There are countless other people behind these. So yes, please shout out others. Kate Row and Michelle G for sure.

  3. mpechner says:

    What about Kate and Michelle?

  4. mpechner says:

    What about Kate and Michelle?

  5. Jimmy Chion says:

    those cupcakes were delicious

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