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Touchscreen Interface Hacks

Interaction Designer Mike Knuepfel has been experimenting with extending capacitive touch interfaces and has put together a video demonstrating seven interesting touch UI projects. Similar to work done at Teague Labs and the Reactable project, Knuepfel looks to make touch interfaces even more tactile and expressive. [Thanks, Jake!]

Touchscreens like those found on smartphones and tablets have enabled a new generation of versatile user interfaces. My thesis project, Extending the Touchscreen, aims to further this versatility by using conductive materials to construct a series of physical, mechanical, and electrical devices that touch, interact and communicate directly through the touchscreen interface. My goal in constructing these external devices is to make touchscreen interactions more tactile, physical and potentially more expressive and fun.

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  1. Michael Flynn says:

    the pulse generator is exactly what I was looking for !
    I’ll tape a conductive pad to the touch screen trigger on my Celestron digital microscope so it will snap a photo every 10 minutes and record growth of a bacterial culture.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas Michael Knuepfel!


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