Ryan McNaught, The Brickman, created this amazing Lego version of The Love Boat that is currently on display at Chicago’s Brickworld Lego convention. The display includes more than 250,000 Lego bricks and is more than 10 feet long.

It has 450 minifigs enjoying a fabulous cruise and the best holiday they have ever had!
Its full of power functions, The anchor, bow thrusters, the lifeboat raise/lower, the propeller, and the rudder at the rear.
The ship of course has all the Love Boat crew onboard as well as a whole series of 80’s washed up TV stars including none other than the Hoff!

I can’t stop looking at the close-up pictures of the sculpture. I keep finding awesome details and brilliant uses of bricks. I also really love seeing the Love Boat logo rendered in Lego. Thanks for sharing, mom!