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DIY Semi-Anamorphic Pinhole Camera

Check out this DIY semi-anamorphic pinhole camera from maker Costas Kaounas. Easy assembly from cardboard and black tape, the camera shoots 35mm film across an arch to capture a slightly semi-anamorphic image. [via DIYP]

14 thoughts on “DIY Semi-Anamorphic Pinhole Camera

  1. Wow…
    First, you can’t have semi-anamorphic in the same sense that you can’t have half a hole.
    Second, I don’t think anamorphic means what you think it means.  It’s a way to store an image in one aspect ration for display in another. This is just a distorted image

      1. I’m not sure I would have picked up on the name, but the Anamorphosis images I’ve seen posted here are some of my favourite things I read about on this blog.  There’s just something about images that only appear when you look at them just right.  Still even in that case, the whole point is to undo the distortion for viewing, just like anamorphic photography :).

        1. I believe the distorted image was the desired effect. The maker isn’t convinced it’s the most appropriate name either, but that’s what he named it. A fun companion piece would be a “semi-anamorphic” viewing device that would correct for the distortion. 

          1. One other thing I should have mentioned.  The actual build is fantastic.  I would have rather seen a flat film plan, but given that this is clearly the way the maker wanted it, he can always call it a stretched-perspective pinhole camera or some such. 

            I feel kind of bad that none of my builds ever used 35mm film.  I used to print right to the paper, and convert to positive by basically contacting printing the original “negative” (and yes this did leave images of the paper branding where the light didn’t go through right). 

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