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Lego Camera & Video Roundup


Lego Follow Focus


Lego Large Format Camera


Lego Nxt Pinhole Camera


Lego Quadpod For An All-Terrain Camera


How To Make A Medium Format Pinhole Lego Camera


Lego Camera Mount


The 35Mm Lego Camera


Lego Technic Camera Dollies


Lego Polaroid Looks Snappy


Lego Technic Super-8 Video Projector

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6 thoughts on “Lego Camera & Video Roundup

  1. How about a Lego Camera Case for the iPhone?  It’s complete with tripod mount and a detachable ringlight!

  2. How about a Lego Camera Case for the iPhone?  It’s complete with tripod mount and a detachable ringlight!

  3. Here’s a 35mm film transport rig that was made to put thousands of color swatches in front of a high-end colorimeter, to characterize film stocks and processing pipelines for some major film production labs.  It’s a top-loading rig — reels drop in and are retained by Lego arches.  It has a source reel on the right, take-up reel on the left, a closed-loop slack-control system, a feedback-stabilized laboratory light source, Photo Research PR-650 (x-Rite i1 as a budget setup), etc.  We had to make a handful of custom parts on a laser cutter, and I designed and fabricated a special optointerrupter brick for the project.

    The mechanism is pretty complex, and the loading is quite high.  The baseplate is glued to a piece of MDF because the overall mechanism was torquing so much from the forces involved.  The reel torques are transmitted into the hubs with 2×2 rounds.  Lots of triangulation.  I’ll come clean: there’s glue here and there…there had to be, so that customers were never burdened with debugging the Lego structure.

    A fun project….an approachable and affordable piece of high-end lab equipment.  No, I don’t think it’d be easy to get it running at 24fps (especially not with Lego motors), but I’d love to try.

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