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DIY Computer Chair

Ron Bean of Milwaukee Makerspace built this gloriously impractical computer chair:

The structure is a little haphazard because I was making it up as I went along. I had planned to make all the angles adjustable, but when I found an angle that seemed right, it turned out to be exactly 30 degrees, so I drilled some holes and bolted it in place. Next time I’ll start with that, and the structure will look more like I planned it that way…

The monitor and bookstand can be raised on drawer slides to get them out of the way. The weight is balanced by two paint cans full of pea gravel. I think the monitor should be slightly lower, and maybe a little farther away, so when I take it apart to take it home, I’ll drill a few more adjustment holes (everything bolts together, and no single piece is more than 6 ft long, so it will fit in my car).


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