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Microsoft Channel 9 Live’s day of Kinect SDK hacking starting right now

Microsoft just announced the availability of their SDK for Kinect and Windows 7. You can use the free Kinect SDK with the free Visual Studio Express to build cool Kinect apps on a Windows 7 PC. If you’re not using Windows, you can still do great stuff with the Kinect (Kinect Hacks keeps track of many cool open source Kinect projects, and you can find our posts about Kinect right here).

With Microsoft’s Kinect SDK, you’ll be able to write Kinect apps using C#, VB, C++, and possibly other .NET languages. It will also support multiple rendering engines so the awesome visuals you create have somewhere to appear: DirectX, XNA, WPF, etc.

And starting right now, Microsoft Channel 9 Live will broadcast four hours worth of live video explaining how you can use the SDK to write your own apps, and they’ll also be showing off projects from their 24-hour Kinect Code Camp that just wrapped up in Redmond this morning. You can ask questions and have them answered live by tweeting them with the #ch9live hashtag.

Channel 9 Live

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