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Make: Projects – “You Have Just Been Poisoned” Pint Glass

Fans of Patrick McGoohan’s classic BBC spy series The Prisoner will recognize this gimmick from Episode 15, “The Girl Who Was Death.” It’s a pint glass with words etched on the bottom (in authentic “Village” font) that appear line-by-line as the liquid is imbibed. My version is the closest reproduction of the original I could achieve.

I have an old friend who is a rabid fan of the show, and I made her a set of four of these as a gift for her most recent birthday. The stencil art is attached to the project as a PDF, and is available in other popular vector formats from Thingiverse.


24 thoughts on “Make: Projects – “You Have Just Been Poisoned” Pint Glass

    1. Well, you could use a mug instead of a glass, and choose the orientation of the mug handle with respect to the text based on whether the person using the mug is right- or left-handed…

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