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Nautical Lamp Revamp & Beachy Bathroom Decor

Summer in the city is upon us, making me covet days at the beach like it’s my job to do so. I love creating little escapes in my urban apartment and my bathroom is where I pretend I am sitting on a beach, grabbing a respite from the city heat. In today’s video, I take an old lamp and give it a nautical revamp! Check out the complete photo tutorial (and PDF) at Make: Projects.
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In addition to giving an old lamp a fresh, new look, I added a few other seaside elements to the space to really create an atmosphere.
My favorites are this sea urchin, my reupholstered chair, and this belt I made using a Double Carrick Bend knot.
Which of these three projects would you like to see how to do? Let me know in a comment below!