This silly business makes me really happy and is a great way to celebrate the dads who go out of their way to have fun with their kids, make a creative environment for them, and demonstrate that you don’t always have to paint inside the lines. OK, so this dad, who greets his 16 year old son’s school bus every morning in a different kooky costume, might be a bit over-the-top for many dads, but the amount of effort he puts into it and the anticipation and yucks it must generate on the bus each morning, is definitely inspiring. And I love looking at the costumes and imagining the conversations on the bus and how the son might feel (hopefully he’s a good sport).

This costume is a head scratcher. I imagine the son getting on the bus and everybody asking: “What is he? What is he!?” The son, heaving a dejected sigh as he plops into his seat: “He’s a pine tree.” [via Laughing Squid]

Wave at the Bus